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AUGUST 18, 2020



"I'd be honored to earn your vote and will always work to make Sarasota proud."

Conservative Republican 

As the effects of this health crisis on our economy, our supply chain, and our health continue, all legislators need to be prepared to prioritize for budgetary changes and to foster a pro-growth environment by keeping taxes low and ridding the system of burdensome, over-reaching and unnecessary regulations. Tourism, agriculture and construction play a substantial role in the prosperity of all Floridians, but we can also benefit from the revitalization of the Space Coast and attracting innovative industries such as electric cars, battery technology, Fintech, and solar that will provide high paying jobs for Florida and Sarasota. 

We need to protect Florida’s quality of life by creating a healthy place for residents to work, play, and raise a family. Over the 33 years I have lived in Sarasota, we have seen red tide come and go with fluctuating intensity, however two years ago, Sarasota saw firsthand the ravages that red tide can have on our marine life, our economy, our health and our quality of life.  As an avid scuba diver and fisherman, I promise to continue the funding of the research to mitigate red tide, to continue the big projects that Gov DeSantis and the legislators have committed to and incentivize all Floridians and industries to create best practice management of its use and quality of water, a valuable and limited resource.

As a mother of four sons raised and educated in the Sarasota County Public School system, as a PTA President of Southside Elementary and as an Education Task Force Chair in Tallahassee for the Junior Leagues of Florida, I know the greatest gift we can offer to the youth of Sarasota is a good education. I am proud of Sarasota’s investment in education and will continue to fight in Tallahassee for funding for our children’s future.

As a former Chairman and member of the Board of Trustees of Sarasota Memorial Hospital and owner of a healthcare business, I will continue to fight for the health of Sarasota, to protect the mission of our world class healthcare system, its employees, medical staff and clinicians.

Now more than ever we need to send an experienced Republican voice to Tallahassee to fight for Sarasota.  A person that has lived in Sarasota, owns a business in Sarasota and has raised a family in Sarasota. I will look at every issue through a conservative lens protecting our constitutional freedoms, keeping taxes low and ridding the system of burdensome and unnecessary regulations. I promise to keep the American and Florida dream alive and pledge to protect Sarasota, its unique values and character.

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